Smart safety systems to complement Ansat helicopter

25 July 2021, Sunday

At the MAKS 2021 exhibition in a specially equipped pavilion, the Kazan Helicopters of the Russian Helicopters Holding (part of Rostec Corporation) presented a demonstrator of a system for monitoring the technical condition of the main power elements of the Ansat helicopter. The system was developed jointly with the Institute for the Elaboration of R&D Activities and Technology Transfer.

The system installed on board the helicopter will monitor actual loads on such assemblies as the swashplate, shaft, hub, and main rotor blades directly during piloting. An intelligent data acquisition system will allow monitoring the rate of the actual usage of a particular assembly.

Automatic diagnostics allows monitoring the use of helicopter components with a limited life cycle, taking into account the intensity, conditions, and characteristics of their operation. These benefits will increase the commercial appeal of Ansat.

The Ansat-M helicopter with convertible cabin is demonstrated at MAKS 2021. Visitors of the exhibition were shown passenger configuration with 8 seats and ambulance configuration with a medical module for increased comfort of loading the casualty. The Ansat-M has increased its flight range to 790 km with an extra fuel tank, which is of current interest for many Russian and foreign operators. New main and tail rotor blades with improved aerodynamics will increase the flight characteristics of the rotorcraft.

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