Congratulations on Civil Aviation Day

9 February 2022, Wednesday

Dear current and retired workers of the civil aviation of Tatarstan!

On behalf of the Government of Tatarstan, please accept our congratulations on your professional holiday, the Civil Aviation Day!

Your highest professionalism, dedication and responsibility help us solve the most pressing challenges of our time. Thanks to the dedicated and courageous work of pilots and employees of the aviation infrastructure, aviation is a boast for our Republic.

We appreciate the professionalism of Tatarstan pilots and air traffic controllers, flight attendants and the engineering and technical staff of the sector, and sincerely thank them for their high loyalty to professional duties and responsibilities.

Aviation is always moving forward, to new heights and achievements!

We wish you strength and inspiration for fruitful work, new reaches of success on your way toward stability and prosperity, fulfillment of your cherished hopes and desires! Health and long life to you!


Albert Karimov

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan

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