Technology, unparalleled in Russia, applied for first time by Grid Company

16 April 2021, Friday

The integrated bypass system engineered as a company’s experimental development is capable of providing a one-time, unlimited range of work for maintenance, overhaul, reconstruction, and emergency restoration of electrical installations.

At this stage, local performance of almost any type of live-line work under voltage of 0.4 kV to 10 kV is available in the company. However, a goal has been set before the company’s team to carry out comprehensive works without shutting down consumers on the overhead line section.

Until recently, such solutions had been used abroad, particularly in China, Korea, and Japan. As a result of the extensive work done by the Tatarstan Grid Company team, a technical solution, which differs from foreign analogues in its versatility and independence from vehicles, was also implemented in Tatarstan.

The system is assembled in two containers (main and auxiliary ones), equipped with devices for winding and unwinding cables, a lighting system, video surveillance, and autonomous power supply. The equipment includes vacuum breakers, flexible cables, quick-connect couplings and auxiliary equipment, which can be transported on any type of trucks and placed on site during operations.

The technology, innovative for the Russian power grid sector, increases the level of personnel qualification and the culture of work production, because it uses tools developed on the basis of scientific, design, and technology R&D activities.

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