Enterprises that have capacities to produce facemasks

15 May 2020, Friday

In order to meet community need for personal protective equipment in the period of unfavourable epidemiological situation and pursuant to Clause 1.16 of the Action Plan for Ensuring Sustainable Development of the Economy in Tatarstan under Conditions of Worsened Situation Due to Spread Coronavirus Infection, Volatility in Oil Prices and Dollar Exchange Rate, approved by the Resolution of the Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers No. 620-r of March 20, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan is working to expand production capacities of protective facemasks in Tatarstan. As an alternative, the production of facemasks was considered from gauze (according to TU 21.20.24-001-00302178-2020) and fabrics (bleached calico, madapollam, cotton, etc.) that are reusable by washing and ironing with steam.

Resulted from the coordination of this issue with light industry enterprises located in the republic, the potential production capacities, design, type of raw materials, and product dimensions have been determined for future production of facemasks.

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