Issue of Invent Group: dialogue continues

28 May 2019, Tuesday

Today, Minister Karimov held a meeting on debt restructuring of the Invent Group, which was attended by representatives of the Invent Group, Inter RAO, and Gazprombank.

The meeting dealt with the current progress of activities and measures taken to resolve the current situation with debts owed to creditor banks and with possible options for its restructuring.

Director General of Invent Management Company Leonid Reznikov explained that the Group is trying to keep its production facilities, contractors, continue working in difficult financial conditions, and fulfil wage obligations to its staff. However, to stabilise the situation, it is necessary to apply a series of restructuring measures so that the enterprises could come back to full-fledged operating conditions. Representatives of Inter RAO and Gazprombank expressed solidarity with this opinion. “It is necessary to go through a restructuring stage by means of a constructive dialogue between all parties so that enterprises could keep their functionality,” Minister Karimov said.

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