Tatarstan delegation to attend MAKS 2013 (Tatar-Inform Information Agency, 27.08.2013) (27.08.2013)

Action Plan for Cooperation signed between Tatarstan and Volgograd Oblast (Business Online Newspaper, 26.08.2013) (26.08.2013)

Aviation as a steady movement forward (Republic of Tatarstan Newspaper, 20.08.2013) (20.08.2013)

Cluster helping satisfy demand for qualified employees (Republic of Tatarstan Newspaper, 02.08.2013) (02.08.2013)

Ministry of Industry and Trade and Kazan State Power Engineering University signed an agreement on manpower training in power engineering (Tatar-Inform, 30.07.2013) (30.07.2013)

Tatarstan to hold the Oil Summit (Kommersant Kazan, 18.07.2013) (18.07.2013)

Vocational Boarding School for pupils studying chemistry to be opened in Tatarstan (RIA Novosti, 11.07.2013) (11.07.2013)

Programme of celebrating the Aviation Day and Mechanical Engineer’s Day in Tatarstan (Tatar-Inform Information Agency, 9.07.2013) (09.07.2013)

Tatarstan will host the TV Art Festival of young workers in September (11.06.2013) (11.06.2013)

Sabantuy Holiday held in Tashkent brought together about 40,000 people (Tatar-Inform Information Agency, 10.06.2013) (10.06.2013)

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