Automotive component project received an IDF preferential loan

14 June 2019, Friday

The Industry Development Fund of the Russian Federation and AO PTFK Tekhnotron signed a loan agreement for developing the production of interior and exterior parts for KAMAZ cabs of the K5 family. The company will receive a loan in the amount of RUB 56.9 million under the automotive component financial support programme; the total project cost is RUB 88.6 million.

By means of this preferential loan, the company is planning to purchase equipment intended for spraying leather and pouring polyurethane foam. Thus, the enterprise is ready to start the production of plastic automotive components for a new type of KAMAZ K5 cab: dashboard, facing panel, and front bumper. According to the company, such components on the today’s Russian market are mainly represented by foreign manufacturers. Following the implementation of this project, the portion of imports will decrease, and the contribution of Russian manufacturers will grow up to 81% by 2021.

Tehnotron is a leading mechanical engineering company. The company’s core business is the production of automotive components for commercial vehicles.

Based on information by IDF, photo by KAMAZ Press Service

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