International Day of Older Persons

3 October 2018, Wednesday

On Monday, a ceremonial event was held in Nizhnekamsk Lyceum No. 14 timed to coincide with the celebrations of the International Day of Older Persons.

A concert programme was organised for WWII veterans and homefront workers under the title of the “Celebration of Life and Wisdom”. Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Ildar Mingaleyev made a welcoming speech at the event, wishing good health, attention and care from relatives and friends to all veterans and stressing the importance of transferring experience and mentoring for the young generation.

The event was attended by representatives of the district administration, the teaching staff of the Lyceum, activists of the Leader youth organisation. The guard of honour by Young Army cadets, retro accompaniment, escort from the porch to the assembly hall – all this added solemnity and warmth to the event. Smiles and greetings raised the spirits and made the day even more memorable.

The foyer of the Lyceum’s ground floor hosted an exhibition of handicrafts titled “Gifts of Autumn”, which left no one indifferent. The second floor was decorated with a photo gallery of veterans, homefront workers and children of war, with pictures from different years.

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